Activities To do at Palmyra stays


Palmyrastays are situated next to the Goukou river, within a marine reserve.  The river divides Stilbaai into east and west.  The river is home to fish such as spotted grunter, steenbras, cob, white stump nose and garick.  Numerous estaurine organisms are found here, such as mud prawn, small crab, blood worms, pencil bait, brine shrimps, pipe fishes, eel grass, puffer fish and millions of baby mullets. You can fish here, but at the far end of the farm. Please ensure that you have a valid permit. These you can purchase at the post office

Swimming and braai facilities

There is a little ” beach” at low tide where the children can play and even swim in the river.  Here you can keep a watchful eye on the children while mom and dad prepare lunch.  Do take care of the little ones especially during high tide.

Rowing boats, canoes and paddleskis

You are welcome to bring along these items. Palmyra lies within a marine reserve and no skiing boats can be launched from here.  There is a facility in town that can be used. Please inquire about the rules from the tourism bureau at Palinggat.

Hiking and birding

Palmyra is a mere 1,9 kilometre from the bride and ” Brugstories kafee” Nothing more refreshing to walk to the bridge, buy a cooldrink or bread and hike back.  The road us scenic along green pastures of  sheep, cattle and horses, grazing, olive farms, the occasional shy  Cape grysbok can sometimes be seen. Bring along a camera or binocular for the birds that are indigenous to the fynbos.

Cycling along the river

There is a paved road for about 2,8 km from the bridge along the river. There after it turns into a well maintained gravel road.  This is a very popular road for cyclists enjoying the scenery